Laboratory & Testing


FICO Electric (Pvt) Ltd has the most sophisticated and most modern equipment available in Pakistan at its works. FICO can host in-house Inspections of a number of tests due to its quality testing equipment accredited by PNAC Pakistan as per IEC-17025 standard.

Following is the detail of some of the Test benches installed at our works:

    • CT/VT Accuracy Testing Systems for CTs up to 6300 Amps and PT 33 KV (Manufactured By Multiamps (CANADA) & ELTEL Industries (INDIA)).
    • 100Kv HIPOT and Partial Discharge Measurement System with Faraday Cage arrangements.
    • Temperature Rise Facility for up to 6000 Amps CTs & 33 Kv PTs.
    • HI-POT system upto 80 Kv.
    • Voltage Transformer power frequency test Bench (Induced Method).
    • 5 Kv Testers.
    • Core Saturation Tester.
    • Ratio Tester for CT/VT.
    • Over Voltage Inter-turn test.
    • Liquid Insulation Tester.
    • Coil Turns Counter.
    • Transformer Winding Resistance Meter.
    • Micro Ohm Resistance Meter .
    • Eddy Current Conductivity Meter.

FICO is committed to excellence and works day and night to assure its product quality. Due to our most modern Testing Lab and Manufacturing facility, we maintain superior quality and ultimate customer satisfaction.